Friday, February 20, 2009

Eric Holder Is Right: Twittering About Race Causes Cancer!

Attorney General Eric Holder is right! Twittering about race causes cancer as toxins build. Best to have a diverse group of friends to talk to, and only a coward would be afraid to have friends of different backgrounds!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook's Benevolent Dictator

Mark Zuckerberg is Facebook's Benevolent Dictator who says the social network is 176 million or the sixth largest nation in the World. Electing to preserve member privacy was him being nice. Suppose he didn't do it?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Josh Wolf Documentary Project: Sierra Choi Needs Your Help

John Wolf spent 226 days in jail to protect his videos and sources, and caused the creation of a new law protecting video-bloggers. Now Sierra Choi is directing and producing a documentary - the trailer is here as part of my video blog.

At the time in 2006, I met Josh when he worked for the television division at Peralta Community College. He was also in the middle of his battle with the Federal Government, but even then was still focused on his work, and didn't spend a lot of time fretting about what could happen.

Then Josh defied San Francisco U.S. District Judge William Alsup's order to turn over the videos Josh had taken from a anti-G8 anarchist protes heldt in San Francisco on July 8, 2005. Wolf feared that the U.S. Government in the form of the FBI simply wanted to identify the people who were protesting and not solve a crime they claim had been committed against a police officer. Wolf's videos did not contain any footage of a police officer being harmed.

Still, U.S. District Judge William Alsup order Wolf to be held in jail for civil contempt of court later in 2006. Then, after negotiations, he was released but still refused to give up any of his videos, offering instead to post them online and show them to the Judge himself. Initially the judge refused, and Wolf was ordered back to jail.

Eventually, and after 226 days, Wolf agreed to show the then unseen video clip online and was released from jail. He never gave a copy of the video to the goverment.

In the wake of his ordeal and new stronger "shield" law has been placed in California law to protect journalists of all kinds, from print to blogs. We have Josh to thank for this.

Now, video film producer Sierra Choi is working to raise $250,000 to create a documentary called "Quiet Uprising: The Story of Josh Wolf" and needs our help. You can contact Sierra through me by sending an email here:

Please help as many need to know Josh's story so this will never happen again.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Elton John's Last Vegas Show April 22nd

More at Google News: “LAS VEGAS, Nevada (AFP) — Elton John is letting the sun go down on his long-running show at Las Vegas's Caesars Palace on April 22, the famous resort confirmed Wednesday.
Tickets for the British singer-songwriter's final 12 performances of "The Red Piano" -- a lavish 90-minute spectacle in which the 61-year-old legend croons his classics -- will go on sale on Thursday.
The April 22 show will be the 241st performance of "The Red Piano," which launched in 2004 with a three-year commitment that was stretched to five. It has been a consistent sell-out.”

Las Vegas High Rise Blog » Guess How Many Las Vegas Strip Luxury High Rise Condos Exist?

More at Las Vegas High Rise Blog: “With all of the recent media reports about Las Vegas real estate imploding, there’s no wonder most people think the Las Vegas Strip area has an ocean of luxury high rise residential condos for sale.  Just last week I read one comment on a Blog that stated for a fact that Miami’s luxury high rise residential condos for sale were in the same boat as Las Vegas.  So that would make Las Vegas have at least 22,000 luxury high rise condos for sale along the Strip?  Right?  Not so fast.

Let’s see exactly what the real numbers are.  Would you believe 1306 Las Vegas luxury residential condos along the Strip with 409 existing and the rest under construction?  This detailed video reports gives you the inside scoop on the real numbers and you will see just how far off the mark the media has gone regarding Strip condo statistics”

Friday, February 6, 2009

Hard Rock Hotel Expansion : 15-story tower topped off

More at Las Vegas Sun: “The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino celebrated another step in its $750 million expansion project Friday when construction workers hoisted the highest piece of the structure atop the South Tower.

The new 15-story tower will separate itself as the resort's all-suite tower, featuring 374 suites and eight “spa villas.” Crowning the tower will be seven penthouse suites. The South Tower will open in late 2009 as the final component of the resort's expansion project.

The standard suites in the South Tower will be about 700 square feet, featuring Bose sound systems, iPod docks, two 42-inch plasma TVs (one of which is in the bathroom) and 310-thread count sheets.”

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