Saturday, January 3, 2009

$940,000 Luxury Condo On The Las Vegas Strip!

Ever wonder what a lux condo on the Las Vegas Strip looks like? This is what you get for $1 million...

2009 New Year's Eve Countdown On The Las Vegas Strip

Drunk Women in Las Vegas - What Happens In Vegas..

This video is a kind of hidden, sloppy camera shot of a group of people escorting a drunk women to her room, where there were more drunk women. Only in Las Vegas, now on video.

Runway Show by Marciano at the Fashionshow Mall in Las Vegas

Runway Show by Marciano at the Fashionshow Mall in Las Vegas is just a slice of life if you're in the fashion business in this town.

Are Las Vegas Waiters Really That Rude?

More at VEGAS HAPPENS HERE Think Las Vegas waiters are being rude? According to this blogger, they're just saving water!:

"Vegas waiters aren't being rude,
they're just saving water.
Remember, this is a desert.
Water is served by request only
at participating restaurants."

-- Thanks for the note!

"RateVegas "Best Las Vegas Blog" - Two Way Hard Three | Las Vegas Casino & Design Blog | from

Two Way Hard Three | Las Vegas Casino & Design Blog | from “Tonight, on the live Web cast, I was very surprised to learn that this blog was a winner in the 2008 Trippies for 'Best Vegas Blog'.

The competition was very stiff - these are all names you know and you probably read all of them (you should). I've been lucky enough to meet a few and call them friends - they all publish on a regular basis and give a lot to their readers.

* Die is Cast
* The Movable Buffet
* Stiffs & Georges
* Vegas Happens Here
* Vegas Links
* Vegas Rex”

-- Enjoy it while it lasts, because there's a new sherriff in town, and you're reading it!

CHILD KILLED: Brother shot girl in the chest - - News

More at Las Vegas : “The gunshot that killed a 6-year-old Las Vegas girl Wednesday night was fired by her 7-year-old brother, who told police he found the gun in a bedroom closet and thought it was a BB gun.

The girl, who was identified by the Clark County coroner's office Friday as Jorden Jackson, died of a gunshot wound to the chest in what has been ruled an accident.”

Forecast: 1 in 10 Nevadans jobless - Las Vegas Sun

More at Las Vegas Sun: “Nevada’s unemployment rate may top 10 percent this year, UNLV economist Keith Schwer says, before any benefits of President-elect Barack Obama’s economic plan are felt here.

But once Nevada gets through 2009 — when unemployment will fluctuate between 9 percent and 10 percent, it can exhale and expect better days, says Schwer, director of UNLV’s Center for Business and Economic Research.

In November the state recorded a 24-year-high unemployment rate of 8 percent, up from 7.7 percent the previous month, according to the Labor Statistics Bureau. The national unemployment rate in November was 6.7 percent.

In October, state economists had forecast the unemployment rate at 8.2 percent at the start of the new year and peaking at 8.8 percent by the end of 2009.”

Official Encore Las Vegas TV Commercial With Steve Wynn- 2008

And this is the commercial with Wynn sitting at the top of his new hotel, Encore. Really. That's him.

Steve Wynn Is REALLY On Encore Las Vegas In TV Commercial Starring Steve Wynn

I have to admit I didn't believe that was Las Vegas Real Estate Developer Steve Wynn sitting atop his new hotel Encore, but one look at this video convinced me it was him. I first saw the video at the website of the Las Vegas Sun, which reports:

"The television commercial in which Wynn perches atop his new copper-colored hotel like it’s a billion-dollar lawn chair is no product of Hollywood trickery.

In the Encore ad, Wynn reprises the commercial he did for Wynn Las Vegas, in which he stood atop that hotel.

As proof Wynn was really there, the hotel prepared a behind-the-scenes video showing the preparations for the shoot on and above the 48-story hotel. Wynn rehearses his lines with director Brett Ratner (“Rush Hour,” “X-Men: The Last Stand”). The casino developer is shown walking up the building’s sloping rooftop and then seated at its pinnacle with his legs crossed and dangling 675 feet above the ground. A camera-carrying chopper hovers nearby.

“This should lay the question to rest,” the narrator says. “Yes, Steve really was on the building.”"

I've got to give it to Steve. That took guts -- I guess that's how he managed to stay on top of the Las Vegas Hotel game.

North wins in Gibbons’ naming of top officials - Las Vegas Sun

More at The Las Vegas Sun: “CARSON CITY — Lost in the debate over the legality of Gov. Jim Gibbons’ attempted appointment of the friend of a friend to head the state Tourism Commission is the governor’s penchant for another kind of favoritism.

Gibbons overwhelmingly favors Northern Nevadans in his appointments to top salaried administrative posts — including the controversial attempted appointment of Kirk Montero of Reno as tourism chief.

Few residents of Clark County, home to 70 percent of the state’s population, serve in the governor’s Cabinet or in senior staff positions.

His chief of staff, Josh Hicks; assistant chief of staff, Mendy Elliott; and chief counsel, Chris Nielsen, are from the Reno-Carson City area. Until November, Gibbons’ communications director was a Northern Nevadan, Ben Kieckhefer.”

-- Seems Illinois isn't the only state with a Governor problem.

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