Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Stock Market Update - Earning Season Coming - Mike Swanson in Las Vegas(07/10/09)

On YouTube from Tradermike2005, http://bit.ly/4Q3wE
I'm [Mike Swanson] in Las Vegas at an investment conference and decided to post this video update on the market. We've dropped for each of the past three weeks, but a good chance of some sort of bounce around earnings season this week is likely. Earnings starts this Thursday with earnings from IBM and JP Morgan. For my free stock trading newsletter go to http://www.wallstreetwindow.com

Freedom Fest 2009 - Our Government No Longer Represents the Values of Freedom

On YouTube from robpatozz, http://bit.ly/4awLr

What does Liberty mean to you? http://www.Libertyis.org

"Our Government No Longer Represents the Values of Freedom.." Adm Kokesh
"We know socialism does't work" Steve Forbes
"Our current leaders have very little in common with the peopl who founded this country. Their philosophy is rooted in socialism or Marxism..." Peter Schiff

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