Sunday, December 30, 2012

Andrea's, Poppy Den Among New NYE Vegas Clubs Opening

According to Robin Leach in the Las Vegas Sun, Andrea's at The Wynn ,Poppy Den at Summerlin’s Tivoli Village, Gordon Ramsay Pub and Grill at Caesars Palace, Gordon Ramsay BurGR at Planet Hollywood, the reportedly decadent SHe at MGM’s CityCenter, and Hakkasans at MGM Grand, are all set to open New Year's Eve. For more info, check out Robin Leach's work here: Las Vegas Sun.

Which Hotels Gets Highest Rating In Las Vegas?

What Las Vegas hotel rates the best among those on The Strip and in Downtown? To determine that question, this blogger took a look at a number of rating polls and reviews. asked that very question, and came up with a comprehensive results list with The Stardust Resort and Casino at the top of it. Of all of the hotels listed, and it's a large one, The Stardust has the largest number of "yes" answers to offset the negative responses. T

The Stardust's overall score is 8.40, followed by the following places on The Strip: The Palazzo, The Four Seasons, The Mirage Hotel, The MGM Grand Hotel, Bill's Gamblin Hall & Saloon, Bellagio, Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, Paris :as Vegas Resort & Casino, Bally's Las Vegas, Wynn Las Vegas, New York-New York Hotel and Casino, which round out the top of a long list.

These hotels round out the bottom:

The Circus Circus Hotel*Casino*Theme Park Westin Casuarina Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Quality Inn Hotel and Key Largo Casino

That's one take, but let's look at what says, especially since they report:

The world of Vegas-area casino hotels changes constantly. In the early 2000s, just about every resort was investing heavily in family-friendly accommodations and activities. Today, however, most places have refocused squarely on decadence and debauchery. No property exemplifies this transition better than TI. Once known as Treasure Island, it dropped its pirate theme to embrace a more sensual motif—one with scantily clad dancers gyrating upon the very same pirate ships once used for family-friendly shows.


So, if "decadence and debauchery" is what you seek, put TI at the top of your list. Otherwise, read on.

The Bellagio Tops Fodors.

Basically, Fodors sees Bellagio as an "old standard" that's not into the "decadence and debauchery" it associates TI with, and includes The Venetian, The Four Seasons, The Platinum Hotel, and The Green Valley Resort.

Another website that has a rate, albeit what appears to be an old one, is For what it's worth, the website has The Wynn at the top, followed by The Four Seasons, and The Bellagio, Mandalay Bay Resort, and The Venetian Resort, which it says is a "tribute to Italian opulence."

But, OK, you're probably saying "What does Yelp say?" The popular user review website system has The Four Seasons at the top with four of five stars followed by The Mandarin Oriental, The Venetian, Encore, and Wynn.

Overall, Vegas is what you make of it. But if you're coming in for the CES 2013, with all of the parties and events and happenings, the last thing you want is a bad hotel stay. With that, The Bellagio and The Four Seasons are the ones that appear in the most top-ten lists.

Stay tuned.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Miss Universe Olivia Culpo Is "Round The Way Girl"

Olivia Culpo, who was named the new Miss Universe at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas last Wednesday, not only becomes the first Miss USA to be crowned Miss Universe, but the first to fill the requirements of LL Cool J's "round the way girl."

Such a woman can't be defined by skin color, and knows rap, dresses fashionably, and in general has a multi-cultural street sense that enables her to move effortlessly in 21st Century America.

This 20-year-old Boston University student is part of the demographic that's transforming our country in everything from politics to music and fashion. More about this "Round the way girl" at Olivia Culpo: Miss Universe 2012 Is Round The Way Girl On #SwayInTheMorning

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Excalibur Las Vegas Murder-Suicide Dominates Hotels' Social Media

The Excalibur Las Vegas Hotel Casino murder-suicide has rocked the venue in more than one way. While staff and guests were impacted when the murder of Jessica Kenny by the gun of Eddie Brandt happened on Friday evening, the hotel itself has been described in a wave of social media that is still continuing.

Twitter, Facebook, and blog are just getting word of the incident mostly because the Newtown Shooting dominated media on the same day and through the weekend. Now that attention has moved from that and to other shootings, the Vegas event is getting a fresh look.

The question is, what will the Excalibur do about the wave of social media and do they know what to do?

Meanwhile, The Daily Mail in London has picked the news up, just today.

More at

Excalibur Las Vegas Murder-Suicide:’s Jessica Kenny Killed By Eddie Brandt

Monday, December 17, 2012

CES International 2013 Has Record Amount of Exhibit Space

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)® announced that the 2013 International CES® will feature a record amount of exhibit space, with the show floor totaling more than 1.87 million net square feet, according to The previous record was 1.862 million net square feet at the 2012 CES. Owned and produced by CEA, the 2013 CES, the world’s largest innovation event, is scheduled Tuesday, January 8-Friday, January 11, 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“With the largest show floor in history, more innovative technologies and services will launch at the 2013 CES than anywhere else in the world,” said Gary Shapiro, president and CEO, CEA. “From cloud-based services, advancements in digital health, connected vehicle technologies, the latest apps, flexible devices and beyond, the innovations unveiled at the 2013 CES will create new jobs and further economic growth around the world.”

The 2013 CES will feature 3,000 exhibitors spanning the largest show floor in the event’s 45-year history. A record number of eight automakers will exhibit at the 2013 CES, including Audi, Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, Hyundai, Kia, Lexus and Subaru, across more than 100,000 net square feet of exhibit space.International CES 2013 Has Record Amount of Exhibit Space

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Las Vegas Casino Death Watch On The State Of Vegas

This blogger loves the blog Las Vegas Casino Death Watch, because it gives a simple, by the word, report on the latest news with specific casino and hotels in Las Vegas that may be closing for some reason.

The blog's intent is not to celebrate, but to sadly report, and the authors say they prefer the "Old Vegas" to what's new. But even with that, there's very little editorial comment on casinos, just the facts.

That's makes the blog a reliable source to determine "the state of Las Vegas." Here's what they wrote:

Current State of the Business

It's no secret that things are tough now in Las Vegas. Many construction projects were started when things looked rosy that aren't so appealing now. Casino companies, namely Harrah's and Stations, went private at the absolute peak of the market and are now having big problems servicing their debt. New casinos or expansions occurred that are now having problems making their monthly nut.

Despite this, we do not expect a lot of closings in the next few months or years. Casinos close when someone wants to build something new and exciting in their places. That's not the case now. Even in a down market, the run rate of these casinos is usually positive.

The problem is that the companies that financed these casinos can't make enough off of them to service their loans. This means that there will be a lot of refinancing debt, a bunch of Chapter 11s, but few places will close. If places do close outright, it will probably be the lower end places.

Stay tuned.

CES FYI: Las Vegas Hilton Is Called LVH; Hilton's Out

International CES attendees are used to calling the giant hotel at the end of the Las Vegas Monorail and two football field's away from the enormous, unfinished, Fountainbleu, "The Las Vegas Hilton."

Even cab drivers refer to it that way.

But that's wrong.

Earlier this year, Hilton took its name off the 2,900 room resort hotel and it's now called "LVH," which kinds brings one to the next step of referring to it as the Hilton brand, but the name's just "LVH."

What happened?

Suffering from the economic downturn after the 2008 crash, the owners of the hotel under the Hilton brand defaulted on a $252 million loan from Goldman Sachs. Goldman Sachs filed for foreclosure on the property, but hit a snag when Colony Capital, the owners of the hotel, claimed that Goldman was acting in a untoward way; Goldman owns 40 percent of the Hilton brand, and also has an ownership interest in competing Vegas hotels, like The Stratosphere. It was sold to the only bidder, a partnership of Goldman Sachs and Gramercy Capital.

At that point the Hilton name was removed.

So, it's LVH - not the Hilton.

SLS Las Vegas To Have LA Retail

The planned new SLS Las Vegas Hotel, a new lifestyle-branded casino resort and the replacement for the legendary Sahara, will have a large retail component more reflective of Los Angeles than Las Vegas, according to the Las Vegas Review Journal - on the other hand, it's hard to tell the difference at times.

SBE Entertainment, which owns SLS-branded hotels in Beverly Hills, and Miami's South Beach, has said it will give the Fred Segal chain what is described as an "exclusive hold" over the SLS retail business. Segal will control over 10,000 square feet of space, and open its first presence outside of Southern California.

As to when the hotel will be complete and open for business, details are somewhat murky, but it's said to be sometime in the Summer of 2014.

SLS Las Vegas is financed by investors secured by ADF: American Dream Fund.

Here's the video showing what the SLS Las Vegas will look like:

American Express, AT&T, Coca-Cola,, Samsung Execs At CES Keynote

The International CES 2013 Keynote called "Brands Matter" will feature a large lineup of executives representing American Express, AT&T, Coca-Cola,, Samsung, and other companies. CES 2013 will be held between January 8-11th in Las Vegas. It's one of the World's largest conventions, drawing over 120,000 people. Visit for the details: American Express, AT&T, Coca-Cola,, Samsung Execs At CES Keynote

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Las Vegas Next? Kansas City Adopts AutoReturn

AutoReturn is a new kind of towing return service that was just picked up by the City of Kansas City.

“We believe our solution fundamentally transforms the way cities and residents think about municipal services,” said AutoReturn CEO John Wicker. “We have been working closely with city officials and the police department in Kansas City to provide superior service and make the sometimes unfortunate experience of towing a lot easier for everyone.”

“AutoReturn’s software, people and processes have already addressed some of Kansas City’s most difficult public issues related to towing,” said Gary Majors, manager of Kansas City’s regulated industries division. “By shortening the time it takes for equipment to reach a tow scene, the city reduces officer wait times, decreases traffic congestion, and limits the chance of secondary accidents, saving money and increasing safety.” The average response time from dispatch to arrival since going live in October, 2012 has been reduced measurably to approximately 11 minutes.

But will Las Vegas being AutoReturn to The Strip?

Right now, the Las Vegas towing industry is a free-for-all. According to the Las Vegas Sun, many who suffer the fate of having their car towed don't know where their car is, and leave it to the police to find it. That process is also marked by price gouging.

AutoReturn could help streamline Las Vegas' problem.

Stay tuned.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

CES 2013 Las Vegas Brings New Electronics Energy Calculator

The Consumer Electronics Association has a new, interactive Consumer Electronics Energy Calculator today on, its consumer site for living green, buying green and recycling responsibly.

The new calculator estimates the amount of energy used by all of the consumer electronics devices in a single household and provides tips on how consumers can save even more energy.

The Consumer Electronics Energy Calculator estimates household energy use based on the specific products consumers own and the amount of time those products are used. The calculator helps consumers determine their energy costs per month and per year, and provides comparisons to the energy use of the average U.S. household.New Consumer Electronics Association Electronics Energy Calculator Released

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Does IZEA Really Partner With Real Bloggers? Remembering Las Vegas

Earlier today, It was suggested to me that I sign up with what appeared to be a kind of online app that allowed bloggers to be matched with potential sponsors. Given that has over 11,000 blog posts (actually over 12,000) and has been around since 2005 (when it started life as a blogger blog), covered the NFL Draft, The Oscars, and two Democratic National Conventions, not to mention the Consumer Electronics Show for three straight years (2013 is the latest) and Wonder Con and Comic Con, it’s a cinch that a reputable firm would want to team with us. The rest at IZEA Really Partner With Real Bloggers? Remembering Las Vegas

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Santa Claus Off To Hawaii For The Winter; Should Come To Vegas

The people you meet in airports. In the middle of a hectic, stressful travel day where this blogger waited four hours to board a delayed flight that switched gates three times, Santa Claus showed up.

No, Santa Claus didn’t have his sleigh or eight reindeer, but he did have a calling card: his calling card. It read Santa Claus. Read about the rest at, but note that he really should be headed to Las Vegas: Santa Claus Is Headed To Hawaii

Friday, November 9, 2012

Fontainebleau Las Vegas Contractors Win Ruling

The contractors who worked on the still-standing-unfinished 735-foot-tall Fontainebleau Las Vegas stand a better chance of getting paid after the bankruptcy filing than they orginally thought. According to Casino City Times, The Nevada Supreme Court rulled that "mechanic's lien claimants stand in the repayment line ahead of lenders who replaced original lenders." In other words, the creditors who thought their unpaid bills stood first, now have to get behind the contractors - the laborers who built what stands today. They may not get all of the money owed to them, but, as one lawyer put it, it's 'better to have pennies under the mattress,' than none at all. Stay tuned.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Steven Horsford Nevada's First Black Congressman

Congratulations to Steven Horsford, who becomes Nevada's first African American Congressman. Arguably, Steven Horsford won in the new District Four, which is heavily represented by a politically active minority population. But Steven has also benefited from heavy multi-racial support, and in the end, that's why he won. On Twitter, the Congressman elect tweeted this: Stay tuned.

Carly Rae Jepsen Sued By AZA HighSpeed For “Call Me Maybe”

According to, AZA claims that Carly Rae Jepsen and her business partner, producer, and talent agent Scott Braun, who’s also known as Justin Bieber’s business partner, have substantially copied AZA’s song “Hunky Santa” and performing, recording and distributing that derivative work, under the title ‘ Call Me Maybe”, and in doing so, infringed “with reckless disregard of AZA’s intellectual property rights.” More at Rae Jepsen, Justin Bieber’s Partner, Sued By AZA For “Call Me Maybe”

Monday, November 5, 2012

Apple iPhone 5 Case AirXax Clear A CES-Worthy Product

According to, if you have an Apple iPhone 5, read this: The Joy Factory, a leading producer of Apple iPhone cases, has a new one for you. It's a great product that we may see at CES 2013 Las Vegas.

The Joy Factory has an extended offering of its Airmax™ family of protective cases for the Apple® iPhone®5. The original military-inspired Airmax line has now been expanded to include the Airmax Clear. For maximum protection and a secure grip, the protective case features the patent-pending Diamond Air Cushion™, a raised textured design with multiple shock-absorbent layers. More at Zennie62: Apple iPhone 5 Case AirXax Clear By The Joy Factory

Friday, November 2, 2012

Take-Two Interactive Software Coming To Vegas

According to documents, Take-Two Interactive Software, the maker of games like 2K and Rockstar, is coming to Las Vegas. The Las Vegas City Council is to take up the following:
Discussion for possible action regarding the Participation Agreement between the City of Las Vegas Redevelopment Agency and Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc., for providing furnishings, fixtures, equipment and offsite related parking expenses grant, not to exceed $600,000, which will support the hiring of 150 full-time employees for property located at 302 East Carson Avenue (APN 139-34-210-066) - Redevelopment Area Ward 3 (Coffin) - [NOTE: This is a related item to Council Item 65 (R-72-2012)]
Stay tuned.

President Obama In Nevada (Video)

Here's President Obama giving a rousing stump speech in Las Vegas:

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Felicia Day Is CES 2013 Las Vegas Entertainment Matters Ambassador

CES 2013 Las Vegas is three month away, and as we move closer, more news comes. Take Felicia Day's new appointment:

Felicia Day, the LA-based actress who has made the transition to online video success with The Guild, has been named the 2013 CES International “Entertainment Matters” Ambassador according to the Consumer Electronics Show organization’s Karen Chupka, senior vice president, events and conferences, Consumer Electronics Association. The 2013 International CES is the world’s largest and most important consumer technology event that will take place January 8-11, 2013, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

More news about Ms. Day at Felicia Day Is 2013 International CES Entertainment Matters Ambassador

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Is Chelcee Grimes The Next Alanis Morissette?

Is Chelcee Grimes The Next Alanis Morissette? Yes. Just listen to the voice of this 21 year old from the UK - specifically Liverpool, where the Beatles are from. She's got a voice that will knock your socks or stockings off! To here her, click on this link to Chelcee Grimes Is The Next Alanis Morissette

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Encore Suite Hotel Room Video - Las Vegas

You have to check out this video tour of the Encore Las Vegas suite. Wow. Of course, Encore is the famous hotel by the equally famous Steve Winn. Enjoy!

Las Vegas Housing Market Report September 2012

Median sales price has gone up over last year in Las Vegas. A law that curbs foreclosure is the help, and should be a model for the rest of the country. Listen to the video - it's worth it.

The Light Group - Las Vegas

If you've heard of The Bank Las Vegas Nightclub, or 1 OAK, you know The Light Group. Here's a video of their nightclubs in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas "New York, New York" Hotel Roller Coaster Ride

The Las Vegas "New York, New York" Roller Coaster, formerly called "Manhattan Express," at New York-New York travels through the property's interior and exterior, and replaced the trains to resemble a traditional Checker Cab.

The coaster is 203 ft (62 m) high, has a maximum drop of 144 ft (44 m), and reaches speeds up to 67 mph (108 km/h).

Stick E Rice - Thai Food Delivery & Catering in Las Vegas

Talk about yummie looking Thai food in Las Vegas! Man!

It's Stick E Rice Thai Food and Delivery and Catering in Vegas! 2544 East Desert Inn Road Las Vegas. (702) 696-9700

Las Vegas Rescue Mission Video

The Las Vegas Rescue Mission is not something you normally hear about. The idea is to help rescue people from drugs and alcohol using God and Christ and care. Here's a lot of need for homeless services as well. It's located at 480 West Bonanza Road Las Vegas, NV 89106, (702) 382-1766.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

International Gateway Sells Out The Venetian For International CES 2013

Great news from and a clear sign the economy is roaring back. The 2013 CES International, annually held in Las Vegas in January, has announced that it has sold out the Venetian Hotel for its International Gateway. See Zennie62 for more info: International Gateway Sells Out at The Venetian for 2013 International CES

Friday, October 5, 2012

Wet N Wild Park Las Vegas Opens Summer of 2013

Wet N Wild Park Las Vegas opens Summer of 2013

When it's finished and opened, Wet N Wild will be the largest water park of its kind in Nevada.

The 41-acre park will have 25 rides and be located on S. Fort Apache Road, just off I-215 between Sunset Road and Warm Springs Road, and will feature a host of attractions for families and thrill seekers alike.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

President Obama In Las Vegas For Rally, Debate Prep

President Barack Obama has landed in Las Vegas for a rally and then preparation for his upcoming first debate against GOP challenger Governor Mitt Romney this coming Wednesday, October 3rd. According to the Las Vegas television news Channel 8, President Obama will first stop for a political rally at Desert Pines High School at 6:30 p.m this evening. There, Headliner Mexican rock band Manß will be the entertainment in what the media's calling a 'Hispanic-oriented' event. Then, President Obama will work on his debate strategy and stay at the Westing at Lake Las Vegas. The debate will be held in Denver.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Jeffersons Theme Song Sang By Zennie Abraham

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Marilyn Monroe And Ella Fitzgerald At The Mocambo - Marilyn Dated A Blac...

Friday, April 6, 2012

Oaksterdam University: Protestors Talks At Oakland Raid

Bobby Petrino Sex Scandal: Hot Blonde Jessica Dorrell Update

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Kim Kardashian Flour Bomb By Hater From PETA Kim Kardashian Flour Bomb By Hater From PETA

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sex, Orgasm, Fetish Promoted By British Government: To Kids?!!!

Sex, Orgasm, Fetish Promoted By British Government...To Kids?!!! -- It's hard to argue that "an orgasm a day keeps the doctor away", but is it something we should tell our kids? Well that's what the National Health Service in the UK was doing in 2009 according to the Times Online. What vexes me is why tell kids this and not adults? Moreover, why can't the U.S surgeon general say that to adults in America? Heck, how many teens have seen the video "Woman Orgasms 300 Times a Day"?

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Merwan Mereby Panasonic VP For Interactive Content At CES 2012

Kelly Clarkson Sings "Mr Know It All" At Sony Press Event CES 2012

Vitality Oxygen Bar At Circus Circus Las Vegas

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