Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Excalibur Las Vegas Murder-Suicide Dominates Hotels' Social Media

The Excalibur Las Vegas Hotel Casino murder-suicide has rocked the venue in more than one way. While staff and guests were impacted when the murder of Jessica Kenny by the gun of Eddie Brandt happened on Friday evening, the hotel itself has been described in a wave of social media that is still continuing.

Twitter, Facebook, and blog are just getting word of the incident mostly because the Newtown Shooting dominated media on the same day and through the weekend. Now that attention has moved from that and to other shootings, the Vegas event is getting a fresh look.

The question is, what will the Excalibur do about the wave of social media and do they know what to do?

Meanwhile, The Daily Mail in London has picked the news up, just today.

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Excalibur Las Vegas Murder-Suicide: VEGAS.com’s Jessica Kenny Killed By Eddie Brandt

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