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It Follows Movie Review By Zennie Abraham

It Follows Movie Review By Zennie Abraham - Video

It Follows Movie Review by Zennie Abraham It Follows is a creative but annoying horror movie that I walked out on. The film, written and directed by David Robert Mitchell, had its star Maika Monroe's character Jay acting silly. She is chased by some thing after having sex with a douche dude who then drugs her and ties her up and tells her about a curse he passed on to her after sex. I loved the actors and characters but one too many dumb scenes just pissed me off. Why can't Jay stay in the classroom where it's safe? Why can't she punch the fuck out of one of the things following her? Why does she have to run when she doesn't. Maybe I will see it again but then if I do it will only be to see Maika Monroe. Stay tuned.


To Visit Oakland And Allison Best On The Super Bowl

To Visit Oakland And Allison Best On The Super Bowl - Video

This is my video blog response to Visit Oakland President Allison Best's blog commentary at


Oakland A's Stadium 365 Estuary Park Project - D'Sjon Dixon, Rick Tripp

Oakland A's Stadium 365 Estuary Park Project - D'Sjon Dixon, Rick Tripp - Video

Oakland A's Stadium 365 Estuary Park Project - D'Sjon Dixon, Rick Tripp Zennie62 talked with D'Sjon Dixon, the creator and architect of the exciting Stadium 365 Estuary Park Oakland As Stadium Proposal and his developer Rick Tripp in what is the first video interview and the longest one so far. It's also the first Zennie62 YouTube video that is a recorded three way conversation, thanks to Skype: D'Sjon Dixon is at his office in San Francisco; Rick Tripp is in Sacramento, and Zennie Abraham is in Suburban Atlanta Georgia. D’Sjon Dixon is an architect with SGPA Architecture and Planning. His idea and drawings for a baseball stadium for the A's has been in existence since 2013, but it took on steam when Dixon met and formed a friendship with real estate developer Rick Tripp, the Owner, Tripp Development. Dixon's stadium website is at Dixon's idea is for a $600 million, 36,000-seat privately financed stadium at Estuary Park in Oakland, and at the same place controlled by the Brooklyn Basin Developers. Dixon says that he got a blessing of sorts from Signature Development President Mike Ghielmetti. There's a rub here, as Brooklyn Basin has broke ground, but Dixon says he has it worked out. Rick Tripp's name is not new in this issue: he made a proposal for a privately financed stadium for the A's at Coliseum City. But it came with a novel financing approach that Tripp says is based on real estate brokerage fees, and was in part presented in blog posts over at Tripp also used this plan in a presentation for stadiums in Sacramento and in San Diego for the Chargers. I'll hold off on a critique here, as we're going to talk on video again. But back to Tripp, he is in the real estate business with his wife Leslie Dougherty, a realtor with Fusion Real Estate Network. Prior to that, both were involved with Cachet Realty Group Inc. in Nevada. I would not say Mr. Tripp is the finance guy, but more the classic real estate developer who sells the idea of a project to bankers. He's got to have a credible plan by a credentialed architect who can make something that can be built before he can attract more money- that person is Dixon. What is good is that this is a team up of two creatives who needed each other: D'Sjon Dixon's plan is excellent, but cried for a development partner; Tripp's plan was strong on financing (to a degree) but needed a good architect. As I told both, the purpose here is not to tear down D'Sjon Dixon's work, but to make it better as that benefits all of us. Visit our blog here:


Andreas Lubitz Germanwings Pilot Suicide Unthinkable

Andreas Lubitz Germanwings Pilot Suicide Unthinkable - Video

Andreas Lubitz Germanwings Pilot Suicide Unthinkable I am still in disbelief that Andreas Lubitz the Germanwings pilot committed suicide and homicide by crashing the 149-passenger Airbus A320. But he did. How can be avoided is the application of some kind of artificial intelligence to take back control of the plane. What do you think?


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